Warranty Hotel - the clever choice for online receipt and warranty storage.

Consensus president & CEO, David Stritzinger, introduces Warranty Hotel offered by Brightstar.


Then you can always find them when you need them - One place storage - easy, convenient and secure!

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Simplifying the customer’s mobile experience not only builds loyalty, it also facilitates upselling of value-added services such as warranties and trade-in, Warranty Hotel takes the mystery and complexity out of the warranty process for both consumers and retailers, enabling a stronger and more beneficial customer relationship.
Dave Stritzinger, CEO of Consensus

"Warranty Hotel's mission is to streamline and simplify life for consumers, while enhancing retailers' customer service capabilities and dramatically improving their warranty and extended warranty programs."
CBS News

"With offices in Denmark and New York City, Warranty Hotel is leading a dramatic change in the way consumers, retailers, and e-commerce providers store, share, and manage warranty-related documentation and associated processes with a suite of mobile apps and cloud-based online services."
NBC News

"This 0.99$ app is a great way to stay organized with all your receipts and warranties. 3 out of 4."
USA Today

"The idea behind the app and the service is both beautifully simple and simply beautiful. I’m going to be using this for a lot longer and I encourage all of you to try it out! It’s a fantastic app!"
Android Headlines

"The consumer productivity app is designed to drastically simplify the storage, redemption, and transfer of product warranties, including manufacturers' warranties and extended warranties."

"The API simply adds to Warranty Hotel’s already existing value. Warranty Hotel has changed the warranty landscape and should it continue to gain worldwide adoption, the world might cease to adopt paper-based, legacy warranty processes."

"For anyone who uses an Android device or has an iPhone or iPad, this is a must-have application that you just have to get. I would highly recommend you give Warranty Hotel a try"

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