Warranty Hotel is a leading developer of innovative technologies for product warranty storage and management combining groundbreaking it-solutions with enhanced customer service.
We specialize in mobile software solutions for product warranty management for consumers, and are currently being launched as a standard retail solution globally.

Our mission is to streamline and simplify life for consumers, while enhancing retailer's customer service capabilities and extensively improving their warranty programs. Warranty Hotel offers a horizontal cloud-based service platform for quickly and conveniently managing warranty documentation and processes.

We make online warranty storage easy, convenient and secure.


"About 18 million consumers in the United States returned a consumer electronics product in the past year, according to a new study from The NPD Group. More than half (57%) said they returned their device because it was allegedly defective. Almost half of who brought back a CE item said something could have been done to prevent the return, according to a survey of 2,000 adults completed online in May. 

Among the top three preventative measures cited by respondents: a service plan or warranty offer, better after-purchase support from the retailer, and more explanation from an in-store sales person."
Home Media Magazine.

Warranty Hotel not only addresses this problem, we solve it!


We strive to make warranty storage as easy and secure as possible.

We have developed an app that makes our service mobile to reflect the ever changing movement of modern life. It provides convenient access to warranty documentation via Android, iPhone and iPad devices. Our customers can access their warranties anytime, anywhere from their personal hosted account.

Download the Warranty Hotel App to get the most of our cloud-based storage service.

Key features of the app include:

  • Upload - store an unlimited number of warranties free of charge with the smartphone's camera, manually
  • Find Warranties - easily search and locate existing warranty certificates, receipts and proofs-of-purchase
  • Transfer - simply e-mail to gift and transfer warranties to secondary purchasers or other third parties
  • Notes - input additional information to the electronic warranty file, such as insurance information, serial numbers, repair and redemption details, etc.
  • Activate Code - QR codes on retailer receipts to conveniently activate the warranty certificate and receipts to the member's account
  • Find Stores - easy one-touch call to repair centers, also search for local stores addresses of rertailers offering Warranty Hotel services.


The idea for Warranty Hotel arose when CEO Henrik Peter Reisby Nielsen (fourth generation retailer in "Inspiration", a homeware store in Roskilde, Denmark) had just won the "Global Innovator Award", an international prize recognizing the world's most innovative store.

One Saturday a regular customer came into the store and, although he was very satisfied with his purchases and the service he experienced, the customer had just one more request:

"If you could save these warranty certificates for me so I didn´t have to keep track of all these pieces of paper for years, you would have provided me with the perfect service!"

Henrik would have liked to have provided this service - but he couldn´t at the time. However, the customer´s request inspired a lengthy thought process on how to solve the problem. A simple PDF copy wouldn't provide the solution Henrik wanted, as he needed a system which could accommodate different warranty periods on several products within the same transaction.

Many years of working within retail and customer service was combined with experience from IT development, an innovative team was gathered and Warranty Hotel became a reality.

Since March 2011 Warranty Hotel has worked with investor Nordica Capital Partner as an active partner in achieving the goal of becoming a global standard in all major cash register systems and online shops within the next few years.

Warranty Hotel HQ

Tjaerebyvej 9, Tjaereby

4000 Roskilde - Denmark

CEO Henrik Reisby Nielsen

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